3 Interesting Facts About Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is part of the engineering field associated with design, construction, and manufacturing of both spacecraft and aircraft. Aerospace engineering has two related branches: astronautical and aeronautical engineering. The former referring to planes piloted outside the earth’s atmosphere and the latter referring to aircraft piloted within the earth’s atmosphere.

There are some three exciting facts about aerospace engineering that will surprise you.

  1. A 747 has 6 million parts
    A 747-400 has at least 6 million parts, half of that are fasteners. It has 274 km (171 miles) miles of wiring and 8km (5 miles) of tubing. It also features 147,000 (66, 150 kg) of high-strength aluminum. Its tail height stands at 63 feet 8 inches, and 75,000 engineering drawings were engaged during the manufacturing of the first 747. 747 compares to no other commercial airliner as it has the biggest passenger interior volume. It measures at 31,285 cubic feet, comparable to three homes, each measuring 135 square meters.
  2. It incorporates numerous elements
    Aerospace engineering includes mathematics, fluid mechanics, electrotechnology, astrodynamics, control engineering, noise control, and aeroacoustics. Others are flight test, avionics, risk and reliability, solid mechanics, materials science, software, and many more.
  3. The demand for aerospace engineers is high
    If you’re considering a new career path, you should aim at becoming an aerospace engineer. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports shows that an average salary for this occupation is approximately $107, 830. Their employment is expected to rise by 6% from 2016 to 2026. The rise is supported by the increased growth in commercial air travel, governments refocusing their space exploration efforts and new firms emerging to offer access to space.

Aerospace engineering should not be confused with avionics engineering. Although the two share some similarities, they are two independent concepts. For instance, avionics engineering mainly refers to the electrical division of aerospace engineering.

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